Visit to Aunt Fati’s house

Ava and I took a trip to Aunt Fati’s house today!  She had recently had back surgery and wasn’t feeling well.Initially Ava was very shy towards Aunt Fati.  She stayed close and oddly wasn’t getting into anything that wasn’t nailed down.  I took her outside as the day was very nice, sunny and mid 50’s.  Aunt Fati’s house is on the side of a small mountain so Ava had a lot of fun running down the front yard.  Aunt Fati’s dog showed a lot of interest in Ava too, they played together well.  After an hour or so Ava warmed up to Aunt Fati and she was all smiles and running through her house just like she does at ours.  There were quite a few nick nacks and small decorations at Aunt Fati’s house which gave Ava many options to grab and touch.   We stayed for about 3 hours which was  good timing because Ava was fairly tired when we left.  She slept all the way home, wish I could have done the same!

IMG_5119 IMG_5144 IMG_5243 IMG_5301 IMG_5332 IMG_5376


IMG_5348 IMG_5355

4 thoughts on “Visit to Aunt Fati’s house

  1. She sure is a cutie. Fati really enjoyed her and talked about how smart she is as well. Thanks for sending me the pictures.

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